About Us

Friday March 22 2019

IsmailiDUA.com was developed by a handfull of Ismaili parents and Ismaili students from around the world. With over 1000 man hours and endless nights of viewing and reviewing content, IsmailiDUA.com was finally released on the Internet!

The first question we are asked is WHY??? The top 5 answers would be:

1. Teach Ismaili children and new Ismaili's about the DUA from ANYWHERE in the world at ANY TIME!
2. Make sure they know HOW to say it AND know the MEANING of it!
3. Allow children and new Ismaili's to learn at their own pace and get feedback on their progress!
4. No more excuses to NOT know the DU'A and it's meaning.
5. No longer rely on parents to take children to classes, now the class comes to you!

Hazar Imam's Farmans on the DU'A

"I do not want you to recite the Du'a without knowing what is the meaning of the Du'a. It is essential that our younger children should know what is the meaning of the Du'a, and I would like you to make a special effort in the future to teach the young boys and the young girls in the Religious Schools, the meaning of the Du'a."
- Bombay 8 November 1967

"I would like each and every spiritual child not only to know the Du'a by heart, but to understand the meaning of the Du'a. It is fundamental for you and for your children and for the future of our Jamat that each and every one of you, particularly the younger members of the Jamat, should understand the meaning of the Du'a."
- Poona 22 February 1969